very strange: all groups work fine, except one.

Guich listas at
Mon Dec 8 23:13:27 UTC 2003

Ok, i giveup. Nothing in this damn work! I spent 4 hours... nothing.
I tried to delete the bad newsgroup, imported all over again, and nothing.

When i send a new message, it says:
Dec  8 20:55:09.951 + not-for-mail <br3a1t$lke$1 at superwaba.superwaba> 705
Dec  8 21:07:19.311 - not-for-mail <br3aom$lse$1 at superwaba.superwaba> 436
cant store article

Remembering: this only occurs in ONE group of 6.
I don't know what more to do...


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