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Alex Moen <alexm at> wrote:
| OK.  Here's what I want outta my logging:
| 1. I do not want to see my users accessing the newsgroups.  What I don't
| know cannot hurt me.

Since the GROUP commands are logged in nnrpd that can be turned off, if
need be with the '#if 0' logging control statement ;-)
| 2. I do want to see my users posting to groups.  Might need this info some
| day.
| Any ideas?  I have looked through the docs and have come up with nothing.

Unless you don't even want to know who's using news unless they post,
just dropping the GROUP info would seem adequate. However, that makes it
hard to track your system, so the alternative would be to change the
syslog setup and not include the PID in the log message, therefore
making it possible to see what someone is reading without knowing who it

Depends on what level of ignorance you desire.
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