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Jeffrey M. Vinocur <jeff at> wrote:
| On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Russ Allbery wrote:
| > Daniel Marsh <jaleco at> writes:
| > 
| > > Is it possible to have a digest of a news group created daily and sent
| > > out to selected recipients?
| > 
| > It's certainly possible, and with NEWNEWS it's actually pretty
| > straightforward to write with a good support library for handling the NNTP
| > parts (the Perl one is likely suitable), [...]
| I wonder if it would be easier (although not as scalable) to have 
| newsfeeds write the articles (or Message-IDs) to a file, and then have a 
| little nightly script prepare the actual mail.

Two thoughts, first you can just set up a dummy feed of the message-id
and/or token in newsfeeds. Rename the file, flush the feed, and then the
digester (digestifier?) can pull the articles.

Also, The newsgroup comp.risks is digested, if you can't search software
you like that moderator might be a starting point.
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