Articles stuck in /var/spool/news/incoming

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Fri Dec 19 11:50:55 UTC 2003

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Nigel Telles <ntelles at> writes:

> 	on checking the news spool for these articles none were found.
> 	on Further investigation I happen to notice that these articles
> stuck in /var/spool/news/incoming. On checking some of these they are 
> the missing ones.

> 	My question is as to why they are stuck here and what do I need
to do 
> get them to move to there appropriate spooled articled folders

Run rnews -U as the news user.  You probably want to run that hourly
from cron.

Nigel: I already have this running as a cron job hourly. 
And I have also throttled the server so no more posts are accepted and
run the command as you suggested as news user 
And the articles are still in /var/spool/news/incoming 

Nigel: I have tried running the command you suggested without throttle
on the news server and the result is the Same as above.

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