INN 2.4.0 and overview problems

Przemysław Maciuszko sal at
Sun Dec 21 09:56:11 UTC 2003

Hi again.
Time goes by and I got more and more of those errors:

Dec 20 01:23:59 inews expireover[29047]: [ID 260700 news.error] buffindexed:
could not open overview for ''
Dec 20 01:24:13 inews expireover[29047]: [ID 188097 news.error] buffindexed:
ovgroupmmap ovbuff is null(ovindex is 12850,
+ovblock is 825241648

Recently, there are 2-3 more groups with this error every day :(
The only way now I can fix it, is to rmgroup and then newgroup (other way is
rebuilding overview I suppose).
Will it be fixed at all?

Przemysław Maciuszko
Agora SA

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