Articles stuck in /var/spool/news/incoming

Nigel Telles ntelles at
Wed Dec 24 11:54:40 UTC 2003

Nigel Telles <ntelles at> writes:

> That's the good bit. The Bad bit is these 5 Items Have disappeared 
> altogether no trace under articles, no update info in overview. And no

> errors in the Log ( I made a copy of all the Log files for news )

At this point, they're likely either too old to be accepted by the
server or duplicates of articles that you already have, but a record of
what happened to them will be in ~news/log/news by message ID.


I did make a Complete backup copy of the News Server the Day after the
Power Failure which I transferred to another 
Linux box. So I could try several scenarios without affecting my Live
news server anymore than the Power cut had caused.

Going through all the information I have been supplied by the good
people in this group. I did find that the 
Five articles that were stuck in /var/spool/news/incoming when rnews -U
was run in the syslog it mentioned 
5 Articles were offered and 5 were refused. 

My question is before I changed the Permissions on the rnews command
(uucp:news) and it was run as part of the Cron
And the error was permission denied would the Message IDS have been
recorded in the History, so when 
I did change the rnews permissions to news:news as suggested and rerun
rnews -U I would have got the message  
5 Articles were offered and 5 were refused ( Because history already new
about them) .

If this is the case could I delete the overview databases run
makehistory -O -x -F then try running rnews -U on the 
Articles that I could put back in /var/spool/news/incomings to finally
get these missing articles into there appropriate 

I Think investing in a UPS might be a better idea.

But in the mean time, has anyone got any advice in a power failure
situation as to a set of steps that could be taken 
To test the integrity of your News Server, before finding out the Hard

Thanks again to all those who have already helped.



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