Request for help in configuring a new news server

Lynn D. Maas maas at
Mon Feb 3 21:46:02 UTC 2003


I have a need to run a news server (INN 2.3.1 on RedHat Linux 7.1) on a closed network where an application program will be generating articles and posting them to the news server via libinn routines.

I have read all the documentation and man pages that I can locate and have set up the multiple configuration files to support (I hope) the following configuration:

o no incoming or outgoing newsfeeds
o all newsgroups are available to all users on all machines on local domain (for reading and posting for now; later I want to restrict sets of users to sets of newsgroups).
o I have created multiple newsgroups and can access them via a news reader.

PROBLEM: I can not post to any of the news groups either via a reader/posting program (e.g., Netscape Communicator) or an application program that I wrote using libinn.a routines.

When I use the NNTPlocalopen() routine, it causes a Segmentation Fault very soon into the routine.

Here is an extract of code used to call NNTPlocalopen:


FILE    *FromServer;
FILE    *ToServer;
char    err_buff[256];

         if( NNTPlocalopen(FromServer,&ToServer,err_buff) = -1 )
             printf( --- error message goes here ---);

I am linking statically with /usr/lib/libinn.a and using gcc.

I can use the libinn routines INNVersion() and GetFQDN(...) successfully.

I can provide any and all configuration file values -- just let me know which ones.

All suggestions, advice, etc. will be greatly appreciated.

Lynn Maas
maas at

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