controlchan doesn't work :-(

Pavel V. Knyazev pasha at
Mon Feb 10 13:01:24 UTC 2003

> > I still can't figure out why it doesn't work at all.  Every time we get
> > a flood of control messages, our server gets *very* sluggish.
> > 2 days ago someone has created a lot of new newsgroups (352), this has
> > taken more than 1,5 hours to process. All this time the server has been
> > busy doing this and only this. My log files were full of lines like
> > these:
> That's not a problem with controlchan; controlchan is working fine.

If it worked fine i would have seen something in my log files
and additional section of INN daily reports "Control Channel".

I see only "innd: controlchan! closed" and
"innd: controlchan! spawned controlchan!:21:proc:61854" lines.

> That's because INN has to close down all of its feeds and then restart
> them all each time it has to create a new newsgroup.  That's a far more
> fundamental problem, and controlchan won't help with it.

Well, then what controlchan is designed for?

> If you really want to honor all control messages,

Say it's better to ignore it?

> it's better to batch them and then run them all with the server throttled.

How do i do that?


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