Restore news posts?

Nicholas Webb nickw at
Thu Feb 13 19:27:39 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I have a user who is complaining that posts to his list pre 1/27/2003 just
vanished the other day.  It coincides with an improper shutdown of inn
last week.  I have ran makehistory, which found some missing articles, but
not the ones in this particular newsgroup.  All posts since 1/27 are just
fine . . .

I've looked at the news buffer, and sure enough the articles are gone.  I
do have a backup of the news buffer with the articles, but how can I
import them without getting rid of the new articles?

Also, out of desperation, I have tried to post the recovered articles with
'mailpost' but I get the error (I have the text of the posts):

441 435 Duplicate (Article not posted.)

This leads me to believe that perhaps the article is there, just 'lost'
somehow.  Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help, I'm new at this ;).

Nick Webb

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