Problem compiling on Sparc/Solaris

Masahisa Hori (HRM) m-hori at
Tue Nov 4 04:58:49 UTC 2003

hi Alex.

On Fri, 24 Oct 2003 14:05:35 -0500
"Alex Moen" <alexm at> wrote:

> the "bison -y parsedate.y" break, I dropped into the directory that
> parsedate.y lives and ran "yacc parsedate.y".  This happened one other time

I always compiled inn on solaris 2.6/8 system. and met this case
ever. In this case. the problem is that configure script finds
bison instead of yacc. So, please insert '/usr/ccs/bin' or
appropriate path of yacc to the head of PATH environment
variable, and run configure script.

But, you may think it is not correct way. This is nonessential
solution of this problem i think.

Masahisa Hori(HRM)

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