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| I've totally given up mmapping group.index, and now a method
| of copying group.index to the local file system is being used.  That
| works.  But doing that for all the overviews is impractical.
| I'm working on a solution to do overview deltas, but it isn't simple,
| for obvious reasons.  The only guaranteed-correct MMAPed overview
| files are on the writer, so we have to ask the writer to return
| everything we need to update local overviews.  And if articles
| arrive out of order (the writer is an xrefslave), doing an
| "XOVER <localhi>-" isn't going to find the backfills.
| No easy solutions that I see, but I nearly have code which solves
| it.  It turns out that modifying nnrpd to give back tokens and
| XOVER data including backfills was pretty easy.  Efficiently selecting
| and updating overviews is the hard part in this.
| Anyone else here have any insights?

I haven't done this for years, but when I did I simply didn't mmap the
files. Linux does a quite good job of keeping recently used file
information in memory, and even of sharing it, and the whole thing
worked fine.

Was there some copying of data which could be avoided? Probably. But CPU
is even less of an issue than it was when the 200MHz Pentium was my
reader box, memory is cheap, and if turning off mmap would solve the
problem I would certainly do so.
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