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| Let's imagine the following. I need to resend some articles
| from one feeder to another. If i knew the tokens, that would
| be very simple. However, the only thing i know - Message IDs.
| How do i retrieve articles by its message-ids and put their
| tokens back into an outoing queue for nntpsend?
| That second feeder has rejected some messages
| due to misconfiguration on its side, that's why i have
| to refeed those messages.

Since IHAVE/SENDME is supported you can just pipe the list through
grephistory with the -s flag
  grephistory -s <mids >toks
or hand the message-id's to innxmit and not bother with doing any lookup
by hand.

I wish there was a nice flag to get mid+tok out to hand innfeed, but I
do it so seldom it hardly matters.
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