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Mon Nov 10 19:43:22 UTC 2003


I'm building a new news server at the moment, and am looking for some
configuration advice.

inn 2.4.0 on Solaris 9. 

It's purely a transit server - no nnrp services, no overviews etc. 

The storage which will be used for the cycbuffs is on a fibrechannel
disk array, which can be partitioned up into either one big partition, or
hundreds of little ones, or anywhere in between. It's the same storage,
just presented differntly. At the moment, the system appears to be
working fine on just a single 200Gb cycbuff!

Obviously if this was running reader services, it would make sense to
have a reasonable  number of cycbuffs, to allow different heirarchies
to be expired at different rates. But since it's purely a transit
server, this doesn't apply.

Question: from a performance point-of-view, is there a benefit to going for
a larger number of cycbuffs, or a very small number? Obviously the
total I/O rates will be the same in each case, but which option would be better
for INN?

Also, in this scenario, what would be the best way to allocate articles
to a cycbuff to optimise performance? everything to one buffer? split by
heirarchy? split by article size ?

All input welcome!


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