problem with perl access feature in readers.conf

Gael Lams g_lams at
Wed Nov 19 17:19:01 UTC 2003

>>jdavis at wrote
>>This is getting ridiculous.  PLEASE take 5 minutes
>>to ask someone how to fix this before posting again!

Sorry, it took me more than 5mn to fix the problem
because I wasn't able to reproduce it. From
yesterday's error, I discovered that it seems to be a
problem with the content filtring system we set-up a
few weeks ago. I will contact Symantec to, I hope,
have it solved. In the meanwhile I copied below the
message I sent yesterday


Hi all
A few weeks ago I sent an e-mail asking what would be
the better way to allow a few selected users to
add/remove users/local_newsgroups, without need to
change readers.conf and from the web. As the answer
seemed to be to use the perl access feature and some
kind of database, I've used my spare time the last
weeks to learn perl and I've now writen a few cgi perl
scripts that basically allow from the web to
add/remove newsgroup and add/remove/modify users. Each
user is associated with a password and a list of
newsgroups to which he or she would have access.
I'm now trying to connect the all thing back to inn.
While I've quite a good idea on how to modify the file to accomodate it to my "flat-file
database", I find it difficult to understand the
perl_access explanation in perl-hook document.
As I have in my text file a list of the newsgroups to
which the user has access, I thought that one of the
parameter that would be in the global hash %attribute
would be the newsgroup's name to which the user is
asking the connection (I would then have had to
compare the name of the newsgroup to the list of
newsgroup to which my user has access).
But from what I understand from the documentation (and
that's probably the problem :-(, it does not seem to
be the case.
Any help or explanation would really be appreciated
Thank you

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