Duplicate matches in readers.conf, and limit binaries to only binary groups

Travis Farmer travis57 at megalink.net
Mon Sep 1 13:59:26 UTC 2003

ok, two questions.
first, and I suspect I know the answer, but I wanted to confirm it before I
broke the configuration.

will an authenticated user be able to match more than one auth/access pair
and take the settings from each. now, first, perhaps my method of using an
auth, and an access field for each match is "unclean" so to speak, but it
seems to work, and does not pose a performance problem, as of yet.
here are some examples (in the layout I use, but exact settings not in
auth "public" {
        hosts: "*"
        auth: "ckpasswd -f /etc/news/nnrp.passwd"
        default: "public"
access "public" {
        users: "*"
        newsgroups: "local.notices"
        access: "R"

auth "administrator" {
        hosts: "*"
        auth: "ckpasswd -f /etc/news/nnrp.passwd"
access "administrator" {
        users: "admin"
        newsgroups: "*"
        access: "RPA"
auth "test" {
        hosts: "*"
        auth: "ckpasswd -f /etc/news/nnrp.passwd"
access "test" {
        users: "test"
        newsgroups: "test"
        access: "RP"
Note: user "public" has no password.
now, I assume that first there is a smoother way of doing the above, but
here is the situation. group local.notices needs to be available to
everybody (including anonymous/un-authenticated users), but is read-only.
the user "admin" needs P access, and is granted access to every single
group. I assume admin has P access to local.notices due to the permissions
in the administrator group. and that user "test" has RP access to the group
test, but only R access to local.notices.

Note, I will eventually put the administrator accounts in a different
password file as they will be connecting from an inside domain of
"*.local.net". just haven't gotten around to it.

Second question, what is the best way to limit binary postings to just the
binary groups? I have tried a method in the storage.conf file (can't
remember the details), but it broke the configuration, so I haven't given it
much thought lately. but I wish to open up some public groups, and I don't
want the groups to turn into a warez server because there is no limiting on
the groups.

Some examples posted, or even referenced to on the web would be helpful. I'm
sure there are some right where I have been looking, but I must have missed

I thank you in advance for any help.


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