Finding sendmail during configure

Bill Sellers w.a.sellers at
Thu Sep 4 19:11:53 UTC 2003

At 02:53 PM 9/4/2003 -0400, Forrest J. Cavalier III wrote:

>The "people who know enough to be concerned" are a fraction of those
>who install INN.  Is it a service to the rest (the majority) to
>silently pick a sendmail which is not trusted to be in the installer's
>path?  Consider that there are plenty of sites which have a junior
>admin using a root account set up by policy or a senior admin who
>carefully picked what was in the path.

Can we resolve this by having 4 options?

1. if there is not a --with-sendmail statement, don't put a MTA line into 

2. if --with-sendmail=path, then look on the path for sendmail

3. if --with-sendmail=default, then look in the default locations 
(/usr/sbin, /usr/lib)

4. if --with-sendmail={path-to-sendmail}, then put that explicit sendmail 
into inn.conf.

Bill Sellers

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