inn2 - cant store article: File exists / rebuild databases

Marcus Schopen lists at
Tue Sep 9 17:41:01 UTC 2003


after a blackout of my privat linux box inn2 shows the following entries 
in its log, if posting a message:

   innd: SERVER cant store article: File exists

To find a solution, I changed /var/lib/news/active for each group to 
highest und lowest article id. After a restart of inn2 I everything was 
fine again.

Problem: After getting the "Daily Usenet report" at night, I could only 
see articles of the last 3 month in my newsclient in the next morning. 
In the configuration I told inn2 to keep all articles of the last 6 
month. All articles of the last 6 month are still in 
/var/spool/news/articles directory, but not shown in the client.

What do I have to do to make a clean, new rebuild of all inn2's internal 
databases/history files etc., so I can see all articles again? I can't 
find a script for that purpose on Debian.

System: Debian woody
INN2 Version: 2.3.2


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