fullfeed related questions / cycbuff limitations

Hendrik Scholz hscholz at raisdorf.net
Wed Sep 10 10:24:12 UTC 2003


I've set up a 8CPU 500MHz XEON box which should receive a full
feed including binaries and store them on a NFS storage using
CNFS buffers.

innd seems to be limited by the fact that the incoming feeds have
to be handled by one process. The backlogs of the remote
servers take >12h to be processes and might increase on one side
when innd is busy handling the other one.

The db/ directory is on a local raid, spool is on NFS with Gbit.
Disabling tradspool for text groups does not increase performance
since the network load is only ~10MBytes/s.

Is a 500Mhz Xeon (1MB Cache) enough for such a fullfeed?
Would a 700MHz Xeon (2MB) handle it?

Btw: Are there any reasons for the current cnfs limitations (12 buffers
Is there a way to group metagroups into larger metagroups?
I have ~15TB storage in 800GB chunks (limitation of the storage).
How should I do the layout for these?

Thanks, Hendrik

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