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Bill Sellers w.a.sellers at
Wed Sep 24 14:14:16 UTC 2003

At 09:37 AM 9/23/2003 -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
>Rogerio M S Novo <rogerio at> writes:
> > I want to know if have a way to adjust the inn time, by default it is in
> > UTC coding but i want to use the local time.
> > Existis a way to configure it ?
>If you mean the date added to posts that don't already have a date, add
>localtime: true to the appropriate access block in readers.conf.

There is also the TZ environment variable.  See the man page for timezone 
or tzset.  This can be set on a per-user basis.  It depends on whether the 
program displaying the time honors the TZ variable.


Bill Sellers

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