innfeed questions/recommendations

Kathryn Hemness kfhemness at
Tue Sep 30 20:50:00 UTC 2003

Greetings --

My news server is using innfeed for the distribution of articles and
currently has an unlimited backlog which I wish to limit.

Here are my current innfeed.conf settings:

backlog-directory:              innfeed                 # relative to pathspool
backlog-rotate-period:          60
backlog-ckpt-period:            30
backlog-newfile-period:         600
backlog-limit:                  0
backlog-factor:                 1.10
backlog-limit-highwater:        0
dynamic-backlog-filter:         0.7
dynamic-backlog-low:            25.0
dynamic-backlog-high:           50.0
no-backlog:                     false

Is there a recommended size for backlog-limit?  Just looking at my backlog
directory, I've determined that a 1MB *.output file contains about 300 lines.
One of my peer.output files contains over 3 million lines.

Also, this particular peer is actually accepting most of the articles sent,
but I have another peer which is refusing or rejecting about half of the
articles sent (this peer's innfeed output file is about half the size of
the 3-million-liner).  Is there any way that I can determine why this
peer is refusing/rejecting articles so that I can optimize my newsfeeds

And one last question...backlog-rotate-period is undocumented in the
innfeed.conf man page.  I'm assuming the value is in seconds, but what
kind of "rotation" is it controlling?

Thanks for any recommendations.
Kathryn Hemness
kfhemness at

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