2.4.1 install stuck --- going from bad to worse....

Wilson, Sue LCC Sue.Wilson at lcc01.usace.army.mil
Tue Apr 20 00:14:04 UTC 2004

I rebuilt the entire system again

I got the active list off the old server added then new required control

I also got the newsgroups file

and I ran makehistory=20

makehistory -b -f history.n -O -l 30000 -I=20
this produced zero bytes history.n  file so copying over the zero bytes
history file and running makedbz ....  seems useless  I think that was =
senario I followed when I was able to Post and read new news but not the
existing. =20

makehistory -b -O -f history.n -I

this also produced the same zero bytes files.

when I first compiled inn and moved the usace groups and active file =
over I
got a sizeable history file and was able to read the old news,  I just =
not post
Now I can seem to get anything.

after recompiling without tcl I cannot get a good history file=20

Sue Wilson
Portland, OR
503 808 4965

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