2.4.1 install --- at wits end ...

Wilson, Sue LCC Sue.Wilson at lcc01.usace.army.mil
Wed Apr 21 22:58:27 UTC 2004

I rebuilt the server ..
got a fresh tar file of our news from the old current news server and a =
active file

I ran makehistory/makedbz again as below and got the overview and empty
history file

started news again=20
I could see the names of our usace.* groups  (i.e. usace.email etc) but =
the contents.
I could post to these news groups and read the new postings only

paused the system with ctlinnd pause
removed every usace.*   group with ctlinnd rmgroup usace.___ commands
readded all these groups with ctlinnd newgroup usace.____ y

unpaused the system=20

this produced no real change
created some new usace.test groups was able to post and read to them, =

paused the system again=20

removed every thing from  the overview database=20
ran the full makehistory/makedbz process again ...
this time history.n and history had data in them

makehistory -b -f history.n -O -l -I

awk 'NF =3D=3D 2 { print }' < history >> history.n

makedbz -s `wc -l < history` -f history.n
nenamed history.n* files

unpaused news=20

Now I can read all the news in the usace.* groups
I can read and post to the newly created groups=20

I cannot  post to old usace.* groups=20
 when I try there is no error,  the posting  just does not happen=20

also tried stop and restarting news but it still works the same so still
can't post to the old active groups.

Sue Wilson
Portland, OR
503 808 4965

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Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 7:00 PM
To: Wilson, Sue LCC
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On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Wilson, Sue LCC wrote:

> I got everything from our old server that was under=20
> /spool/articles/usace/
>   all the news from our local groups.
> I edited these directories to=3D20
> 1) eliminate ones with no news in them and=3D20
> 2) to change some of the names from the format ... usace.xxxx_zzzz  to =

> usace.xxxx-zzzz=3D20 I also changed the active, expire.ctl to match

That's not going to be enough, because the newsgroup names are stored in =
articles themselves.

There's a bit of Perl in the INN 2.x FAQ for renaming newsgroups, you =
look there.

> As the news user I ran=3D20
> makehistory -b -f history.n -O -l 30000 -I=3D20

On a side note, I don't suppose you can configure your mail client not =
use Quoted Printable?  It comes through pretty oddly, and I was about=20
to ask you why you were using an argument to the -I flag.

> I tried reading the news=3D20
> NADA ....=3D20

What does "nada" mean exactly?  You can't connect?  You can connect, but =

see no groups?  Or the groups have no headers?  Or you can see the =
but not the articles themselves?

Suggest you read http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html=20
when you have a moment.

>    expire.ctl did not like the format from the old server that I  =3D
> changed,
> the xxxx_zzz format

The above does not make sense to me.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at litech.org

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