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Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Tue Apr 27 18:17:49 UTC 2004

divya at avnika.com wrote:

> (3) Is there a way to use MAIL as a transport for news replication/feeds?
>  Perhaps this is an esoteric question, but I have often wondered if
>  mail could be used as a transport for articles between servers. I know
>  that we have "imapfeed" so why not a "mailfeed".
>  This is useful in those cases where port 119 is not open between a
>  company intranet and an externally resident Usenet peer. Establishing 
>  a mail based peer feed may be a viable option.

You can do it... build a compressed batch, use shar to break it into 
recoverable fixed size parts, mail them, reassemble and inject. You 
could also use yEnc to do it, although any way you use mail as transport 
will be somewhat ugly.

    -bill davidsen (davidsen at tmr.com)
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