why msync() is not quoted by MMAP_NEED_MSYNC?

Mark Hittinger bugs at pu.net
Fri Jan 2 21:29:13 UTC 2004

> Katsuhiro Kondou writes:
> While I installed latest cvs version on my iBook, I found
> innd dies when msync() is called at innd/icd.c.  msync()
> returns EINVAL, but from msync(2), I don't think innd
> misuses msync().  I'm suspecting potential bug in msync()
> on OSX, and have already reported to Apple.  OTTH, I think
> msync() is not required for innd on OSX, since the result
> of configure indicates;
> checking whether msync is needed... no
> I think we can quote '#ifdef MMAP_NEED_MSYNC' where msync()
> is used.  Any thoughts?

Could we have the 2arg vs 3arg msync issue here?  We have a define called
HAVE_MSYNC_3_ARG in there that I remember having problems with a long time
ago.  I notice that the spots that use msync() in addition to not checking
MMAP_NEED_MSYNC don't check HAVE_MSYNC_3_ARG either.

I doubt its the case but could OSX be a 2arg msync variant BSD? :-)


Mark Hittinger
bugs at pu.net

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