how does history file get too large?

Anne Wilson anne at
Tue Jan 27 20:10:13 UTC 2004

Hi there,

I just figured out that the reason INN was crashing was due to the history file getting too large - it was just at the 2GB limit.  I've since rebuilt the thing and am running again, but why did this happen?  expire runs every night, but that alone wasn't
sufficient in this case.  At the point where things broke I assume that the file was also too large for expire to handle.  

One piece of information - about 45% of the entries in the history file were "rejected or expired" (according to the makehistory man page, i.e., the number of fields in the entry was 2).  Does that make a difference?

Is there any good way to avoid this in the future?

Thanks much for any ideas.

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