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Gary Thandi Gary.Thandi at
Sun Jul 18 19:25:34 UTC 2004

Hello Experts,

We just installed a new News Reader machine with INN 2.4.1.  The fellow who
did the install and knows the most about this is on holidays, so forgive me
if I don't give all the information necessary to get my issue resolved.

I am very new to INN.

The News Reader machine appears to be running all of the necessary processes
to provide service.  The problem is that for no apparent reason, innd stops
responding on port 119.  The workaround is to stop all news processes
/etc/init.d/innd stop, kill all remaining processes that are news related
and then restart news processes (/etc/init.d/start).  This seems to work
everytime but the problem repeats itself.  

I can't pattern the failure as it isn't happening at the same intervals.  My
thoughts are that it might be usage related, when the system is heavily
loaded the process stops responding more frequently.  In addition I haven't
been able to find any errors in /var/adm/messages, news.warning, news.notice
and news logs.

What I'd like help with is:
1. Anyone seen this issue before or point me in the right direction?
2. I'm thinking as a basic thing to do I'll need to crank up the debugging
level.  How do I do that?

Thanks very much!

Gary Thandi
360networks Inc.
Office:	604 696 7014
Cell:	604 889 4039
Email:	gary.thandi at

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