Feed Configuration...

Marco B. marbaz at uno.it
Wed Mar 3 17:05:53 UTC 2004

Hello everyone,
I've succesfully installed inn 2.4.1 with the last active and newsgroups
file on a redhat 7.3 and now this is the question:
I've got a feed with another company and they send to me a mail with some
parameters. This is cool but WHERE i must put this strings?
the parameters are:
Organization: Name of the remote organization,
Location: Location of the organization,
Contact-name: Name of the Newsmaster,
Contact-email: Mail of the newsmaster,
Feed-to: the name of the feedserver,
Accept-From: same as above,
Subscription: *,
Streaming: yes,
Max-connections: 5

Someone can help me?
I'm throttling :(
Thank u

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