history: Numerical argument out of domain

Matti Saarinen mjs at cc.tut.fi
Tue Mar 9 06:58:29 UTC 2004

Patrick Schreurs <patricks at support.nl> writes:

> I still haven't figured this out. Problem still exists and results
> in innd stopping daily. This server only does text articles and is
> almost idle. It receices its' feed from only one peer. History file
> is large (now +8GB).

 I had this problem, too, on a server running FreeBSD. The problem
 turned out to be that the maximum datasize (set by kernel) for the
 innd process was too small. 

 Have you checked the limits set by kernel? My experience tells me
 that if the limits set by kernel are over one gigabyte the output of
 limit command reports the limits as unlimited even though they


- Matti -

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