expireover: Cant't unlink <storage token> after rmgroup

Matti Saarinen mjs at cc.tut.fi
Tue Mar 23 06:01:40 UTC 2004

The expireover run last night resulted in the following error

Expire messages:
expireover start Mon Mar 22 21:02:30 EET 2004: ( -z/news/log/expire.rm)
Can't unlink @0304464934000000000000002CA800000001@
Can't unlink @030446493100000000000000776800000001@
Can't unlink @030446493200000000000000DCE100000001@

When I checked the tokens it turned out to be that they refer to
articles that are crossposted to at least two groups. One of the
groups was removed while exiperover was running. Could this cause the
error messages?


- Matti -

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