expireover: Cant't unlink <storage token> after rmgroup

Matti Saarinen mjs at cc.tut.fi
Tue Mar 23 13:06:27 UTC 2004

Katsuhiro Kondou <Katsuhiro_Kondou at isc.org> writes:

> In article <qzuzna89k57.fsf at butler.cc.tut.fi>,
> 	Matti Saarinen <mjs at cc.tut.fi> wrote;
> } Can't unlink @0304464934000000000000002CA800000001@
> That token indicates cnfs, 

 Yes, you're right. I forgot to mention that the strorage method used
 is indeed cnfs.

> and deleting articles that are already gone by roll over fails. 

 [ I'm not sure if I've understood correctly what you wrote ]

 No, the articles are still there. Also, the expiration of the
 overview doesn't seem to be done. The mail sent by news.daily
 indicates that expireover saw only about 30 overview entries. The
 inndf -n indicates that there are 21837736 overview records.
 Should I set the expireoverflags="-e" as argument for news.daily if I
 want to get rid of these messages and at the same time expireover
 begins to work normally? Or should I just ignore the messages.

- Matti -

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