SERVER perl filter not defined

Daniel Marsh jaleco at
Fri Mar 26 06:21:30 UTC 2004

Other than not compiling INN with --with-perl, what would/could cause
'SERVER perl filter not defined' to be outputted when starting INN.

I've got in pathfilter (which is set to
pathbin/filter), is owned by news, the group is news,
and is mode 0644.

I'm using the same RPM to install INN 2.4.0 on another machine which
is running the same configurations including the

Upgrading to the latest INN is not an option at the time.

innd isn't being executed with the '-N' flag.

I'm running kernel: 2.4.20-20.9 (custom patched, once again it is
identical to the one on the server everything is working fine on)

Any other info that I'm forgetting that you may need?



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