INN with hyperthreading/SMP

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Thu May 13 13:50:25 UTC 2004

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Mike Zanker  <mike-dated-1084871052.60be36 at> wrote:
>VSZ is about the same size as hash+index, RSS is around 70MB at the 
>moment but has been as large as 350MB. Does memory used also depend on 
>the size of CNFS buffers? At the moment I'm using two 8GB raw 
>partitions as buffers (SEQUENTIAL because they're on the same physical 

AFAIR INN simply buffers incoming articles in-memory and then
writes them out in one go to CNFS, so no mmap() is used for that.

CNFS buffers do have an allocation bitmap at the start which is
mmap()ed, but that mmap()ed block is relatively small.


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