tons of rejects (duplicates) towards fast sites

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon May 17 09:00:29 UTC 2004

Ilya Varlashkin <ilya at> writes:

> I've noticed that on the connections towards fast and high-volume and
> reasonable high rated (on top1000) sites my server has a lots of
> rejects.  About 70-90% of transmitted traffic and the better remote
> server the worse the situation becomes.

Are you sure that you're actually seeing *rejects* and not *refusals*?
I've never heard of the problem that you're reporting.

Here's an example from  Note that it's almost all
refusals (which are normal), not rejects.  The rejects that are there are
generally for groups that aren't wanted:

Server             Offered   Taken Refused Reject   Miss   Spool %Took
TOTAL: 54          4275671 1144030 2649616  58509  10305  262353   26%

In my incoming statistics, you can see that I have very few duplicate
articles incoming (and I peer with plenty of INN sites):

Sites sending bad articles:
Server                   Total   Group Dist Duplic Unapp TooOld Site Line Other
TOTAL: 39               1038258 954001    0  12571   101    386    0    0 71199

> I've built a test lab and could reproduce this behaviour precisely.
> Suppose feeder1 gets all external (real) feeds and feeder2 has feed only
> from feeder1.  Both feeder1 and feeder1 have also downstream towards
> leafsite.  On the connection between feeder2 and leafsite I see a lot of
> duplicates but, funny enough, leafsite _did_ ask feeder2 to SENDIT
> (response code 238).  Why is it doing this, why am I not getting

Can you supply some detailed statistics and log lines for this?

> I searched google and found usenet statistic reports of many (very many)
> sites having the same problem. This means there are mega-tons of garbage
> floating around the world unwanted.

I'm not seeing this in a Google search.  Could you point me at some

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