Huge articles ?

F. Senault fred.letter at
Tue May 18 12:13:16 UTC 2004


I've downloaded the latest snapshot of innd, and, just after restarting
the server, I've seen two confusing log messages :

  | May 18 13:23:47 talisker innd: SERVER starting
  | May 18 13:24:04 talisker innd: connected 17 streaming allowed
  | May 18 13:24:04 talisker innd: NCmode "mode stream" received
**| May 18 13:24:06 talisker innd: internal rejecting huge article (1734 > 100000)
  | May 18 13:24:15 talisker innd: localhost connected 44 streaming allowed
  | May 18 13:24:18 talisker innd: localhost:44 closed seconds 3 accepted 0 refused 0 rejected 0 duplicate 0 accepted si
**| May 18 13:24:18 talisker innd: internal rejecting huge article (1527 > 100000)

Now, that's strange.  Either the message is wrong (1734 > 100000, yeah,
sure !), either the counting mechanism is bad.

Alas, I couldn't find the rejected articles - it was just after the
upgrade, and the main server was unspooling.

Also worth noting is this machine is a slave of the main server, which
has the exact same maxartsize configuration, but is running INN 2.4.1
release.  I've seen a few messages last year about some broken code in
that version (I believe) with the line count, so I don't know what I
can trust (the line count of the master, the error message, the reason
for the rejection, ...)...

So, well, this is not exactly critical, I realize I may not be of much
help on that one, but I thought I'd report it.  If someone has an idea
on how to find the incriminated articles, I guess that could help quite
a lot...

Oh, and, after taking another look at $pathlog/news, I found a nice one,
too : every single article is logged with the error :

"437 article includes CR without LF(102)" (the last number varies).

I made a quick check on the feeder, it doesn't report that...

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