STABLE 20040522 MAJOR problems!

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun May 23 22:39:26 UTC 2004

The Doctor <doctor at> writes:

> Understood.  In the past I would report these crashes with accuracy.
> this time this is all I have.  I do not have a gdb report to offer.

That's okay, I just need log messages or, well, anything that you can
manage to say about the reproducibility of the problem.  What the server
was doing, what happened around the same time, etc.

> Agreed, but if I knew what changed from that SNAPSHOT onwards, I could
> be of more help.

If you have CVSup, you can actually grab a copy of the repository and use
cvs diff, but that's okay, I can dig that out.

> However I did find some distrubing messages in the DAILY Usenet report.

This is an *excellent* report, thank you!  From this report, I can confirm
that what you're running into is the same thing that was causing other
people to report errors writing overview.  I have a patch for this (the
one that I sent to the list yesterday), but an attempt to get Kerberos
authentication to the CVS repository working has left me temporarily
without a way to commit things.  I'll get this committed as soon as that
is fixed.  (Jeff, or anyone else with commit access, if it works for you,
could you commit that patch that I sent yesterday to both STABLE and

BTW, thank you very much for the snapshot testing; I really do appreciate

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