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Wed May 26 07:30:54 UTC 2004

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On May 26, 2004, at 1:57, Heath Kehoe wrote:

> What might have changed to cause this behaviour?  I guess I'll have
> to fire up 2.3 again, and see if the hash and index files are
> mmap'ed.

Ok, I fired up 2.3, and:
     1) only the .hash is mmap'ed
     2) nnrpd and grephistory mmap the .hash as well as innd

Even though the .hash is mmap'ed, and there's no sign of an msync call
anywhere, there's no problem because everything accesses history the
same way.  The on-disk copy of history.hash does not need to be in
sync with the in-memory data.

This differs from STABLE in that innd mmaps the .index and the .hash,
and nnrpd mmaps neither.

I notice that set() in dbz.c will do msyncs via mapcntl() if the
"nfswriter" parameter in inn.conf is true.  So a workaround is to
turn on that parameter.  But that could lead to a performance hit
as it syncs with every change.

A better way is to make nnrpd and other tools use mmap for those
files like innd does.

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