inn-stable on HP/UX

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Wed May 26 15:19:26 UTC 2004

Heath Kehoe wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> On May 26, 2004, at 1:57, Heath Kehoe wrote:
>>What might have changed to cause this behaviour?  I guess I'll have
>>to fire up 2.3 again, and see if the hash and index files are
> Ok, I fired up 2.3, and:
>      1) only the .hash is mmap'ed
>      2) nnrpd and grephistory mmap the .hash as well as innd
> Even though the .hash is mmap'ed, and there's no sign of an msync call
> anywhere, there's no problem because everything accesses history the
> same way.  The on-disk copy of history.hash does not need to be in
> sync with the in-memory data.

Unfortunately, if something isn't flushing fairly frequently you can 
have a real disaster if the application or system go down. Not that you 
can't recover, but putting makedbz in your will definitely 
increase your startup time ;-)

I agree that having everything or nothing mmap is desirable.

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