New release of ACL enabled INN and the NAF scripts

Michael Widerkrantz mc at
Wed May 26 21:48:49 UTC 2004

New release of ACL enabled INN and the NAF scripts
M.C. Widerkrantz, mc at
Warning: Still very much in development, but running on at least two

* What is it?

I have patched the INN News server to:

   - Use a Berkeley DB database for user and group administration.

     The users can be 'local' users, connecting via NNTP or 'remote'
     users, receiving every post by e-mail.

   - Support Access Control Lists for every newsgroup.

     The access lists allow for bits to be set for read, write,
     approve and external (as in, send posts as mail to user) for
     every user in a newsgroup. An ACL does not need to exist for a
     particular newsgroup, however. It can be completely open, if

The ACL support is turned on by setting

   nnrpdacl: true

in inn.conf.

There is also support for From line rewriting in postings depending on
authentication data.

NAF is a Perl module, News::INNAdmin, and two accompanying programs,
naf, and naf.cgi. The programs are used to maintain the user, group
and access list database.

* Changes since last version

Removed hard coded path references. Better error recovery. More
installation notes.

Better installation help in NAF.

Stand alone configuration file for News::INNAdmin.

* Where to get it

The full ACL enabled INN distribution:

There is a patch 

(unified diff, ~30 kB compressed) for the canonical 2.4.1

To be able to administrate the user, newsgroup and ACL database, you
need the NAF distribution:

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