Cleanfeed install and config

Dominik Klein Dominik.Klein at
Tue Nov 2 09:00:18 UTC 2004

Hi everybody,

currently trying to install cleanfeed on an INN 2.4.1 Server.
Cleanfeed version is the latest beta (since "everybody should use the 
beta release) from

Unpacked everything and read README.
Well, unfortunately, it does not say anything about installing!?

So what I found out (google ... ) is where to put the conf and the 
cleanfeed script ( ~newsbin/filter/ ) but what I am actually wondering 
about is how to configure it.

I compared our old cleanfeed installation with this one and the conf is 
like completely different. Don't know the exact version of our old 
installation but the conf is actually more of a "parameter - value" thing.

I can't find any documentation on configuring cleanfeed so far, question 
in did not really bring anything that helped me out.

So is there any documentation or will I really have to get through the 
entire perl code?

Thanks for help,
Dominik Klein

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