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Praveen Ramaswamy praveen1 at
Sat Nov 13 08:57:29 UTC 2004

Thanks Divya & Russ Allbery, It is working!! However I noticed that my new
server is receiving posts only of this month i.e "11/x/04" (x is any date in
this month). What is making it to filter the rest? I increased
"remember:/200" but it did not help. 

Praveen R

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I don't believe that you can copy CNFS buffers from one system to
another - especially from type of a system to another.

You're better off using an alternate approach as described in one
of the FAQs at

Hopefully this helps.

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I am trying to move news groups and posts from INN 2.2 on HPUX to Redhat EN
3.0. INN 2.4. I have INN up and working fine on redhat, I could even move
newsgroup, however I could not move posts which are already there is
respective newsgroup.

I am using CNFS storage method on both servers. I copied directories from
/usr/local/spool/articles to new redhat server and executed following

makedbz -i
        mv history.n.dir history.dir
        mv history.n.hash history.hash
        mv history.n.index history.index
        chmod 644 *

While running this, it throws a message "invalid message id". I thought
copying articles directory should help. But one question I am unable to

Even on my old server: Storage method is set to CNFS, hence it stores posts
in a buffer directory specified in cycbuff.conf. But how is it storing posts
in /usr/local/news/spool/articles ? Should I copy the buffers directory
instead ?

Praveen R

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