mailpost uses inews: Bad?

Felix E. Klee felix.klee at
Mon Nov 15 03:39:09 UTC 2004


I read several times that using inews in news2mail gateways is bad.  The
rationale is that inews does some checks that are unnecessary or even
counterproductive, given that the gatewaying software is written
correctly.  Text from the inews man page explaining such a check:

     If the article does not  meet these checks (for example, too
     much  quoting of  old articles,  or posting  to non-existent
     newsgroups) then the article  is rejected.

Now I wonder why INN's mailpost *does* use inews.  Is it safe to replace
it with rnews (which I tried, BTW, and it worked fine, AFAICS)?

Also: Could someone provide me with a message that contains too much
quoting of old articles so that inews rejects it?  I failed assembling
such a thing myself and I'd like to have this as a test case.


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