Can't start INND

divya at divya at
Wed Nov 24 19:06:17 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I am trying to install INND 2.4.1 on a RedHat Enterprise 3.0 system
and getting the following error:

[ root ]$ su news -c 'sh -x /export/usr1/news/inn-2.4.1/bin/ start '

Starting innd.
+ eval /export/usr1/news/inn-2.4.1/bin/inndstart
++ /export/usr1/news/inn-2.4.1/bin/inndstart
inndstart: can't setgroups (is inndstart setuid root?): Operation not
inndstart: can't seteuid to 0: Operation not permitted

[ root ]$ ls -l /export/usr1/news/inn-2.4.1/bin/inndstart
-r-sr-x---    1 news     news        88497 Nov 24 12:19

I built this by hand. There is no previous INN install on this host.
So I built this from sources. There didn't seem to be any errors during
the build. I also did a custom build to adjust the paths.


Thanks in advance.

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