inn-2.4.2 makehistory weirdness

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Oct 1 05:52:16 UTC 2004

Kathryn Hemness <kfhemness at> writes:

> I've been building a new news server on a Sun V240 running Solaris 9
> this week which was going very smoothly until yesterday when I attempted
> the first makehistory.  I believe the version I am building is inn-2.4.2
> but I'm not sure (it is inn-2.4.? which was the STABLE snapshot of
> 6/4/2004).

> I had built and had been running this version on a Solaris 8 system
> since early June without problems and I had no trouble with the
> installation besides having to add quotation marks to the inn.conf file
> and commenting out parameters having no set values.

> Needless to say, I didn't expect makehistory problems on the Solaris 9
> system.

> makehistory[13165]: [ID 776734 news.error] CNFS-sm: CNFSflushhead: attempted flush whilst read only

> I truss'ed makehistory and found that the CNFS buffers were all stat'ed
> but that it opened the first buffer read-only.


> I can only conclude that the makehistory compiled on other systems was
> able to do something to the CNFS buffer files to make them R-W
> accessible to makehistory.

Yup, makehistory was passing the wrong type of argument to SMsetup.  Good
catch!  This will be fixed in INN 2.4.2.

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