import uucp bag file to inn

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Oct 1 06:13:41 UTC 2004

Tommy.Fallsen at writes:

> We are setting up a new news server to replace a old WinNT dnews server.
> It has a few local groups want to transfer to the new one.  I setup a
> Ihave feed to the new one specifying the groups like this ks-t.*.
> Then run a tellnews refeed Problem is that not all ks-t
> group were synced. I did use the ctlinnd param c 0 before the ihave run.
> Tried to remove/create the missing groups and refeed, didnt help. They
> are listed in the active file.

I'm afraid I have no idea why this didn't work.

> Second atempt.

> I run tellnews backup_groups ks-t.*, ftp the backup.bag file to new news
> server and run rnews backup.bag. It put the enitre 12mb file in outgoing
> and log show: bad_line bad count #! renews 0. rnews -U gives: can't
> unspool saving to spool/incoming/bad/.  The batchfile lack size
> information, all articles in it start with #!  renews 0.

It sounds like DNews is generating an invalid rnews batch file.  The
number after #! rnews MUST be the length of the article in bytes.  It
cannot be 0.

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