innd dies after first post

Dominik Klein Dominik.Klein at
Tue Oct 5 13:21:37 UTC 2004

Hi everyone,

my first post to this list.

Currently trying to move and upgrade INN from 2.2 on machine1(m1) to 
2.4.1 on machine2(m2).

m2 is up and running, accepting readers and receiving a test-feed from 
m1. Okay.
But innd on m2 dies, when the first post arrives - no matter if it is a 
feed from m1 or a post from a reader.

innwatch comes up then, but innd does not come back.

nntpsend.log on m1 says, that it does not even get a reply from m2 after 
feeding the articles.

The post (both from readers and feed) is stored in the apropriate 
directory and you can see it from a reader after restarting innd with 
" start".

Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

If you need any more information, let me know.

Thanks in advance,
Dominik Klein

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