INN 2.4.2 testing release

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Oct 14 01:59:07 UTC 2004

I'm not going to get a full release out before my vacation, but I did roll
a new testing release that includes the fix for GROUP status returns.
It's at:


Here is the draft announcement.  I can do a release after I get back, or
if Katsuhiro feels like pushing out the release before then, I think
everything is there for it.

From: Russ Allbery <rra at>
Organization: Internet Systems Consortium
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] INN 2.4.2 available
To: inn-announce at

The Internet Systems Consortium is pleased to announce a new bug fix
release of INN is available at:

The MD5 checksum of this release is:


A PGP signature will be available in the same directory shortly.  There is
a patch from 2.4.1 to 2.4.2 available there as well.

This is a bug-fix release over 2.4.1.  Upgrading an existing INN 2.4.1
installation is as simple as building INN 2.4.2, running make update, and
restarting innd and related programs.

Changes from 2.4.1 to 2.4.2:

  * INN is now licensed under a less restrictive license (about as
    minimally restrictive as possible shy of public domain), and the
    clause similar to the old BSD advertising clause has been dropped.

  * make install and make update now always install the newly built
    binaries, rather than only installing them if the modification times
    are newer.  This is the behavior that people expect.  make install now
    also automatically builds a new (empty) history database if one
    doesn't already exist.

  * The embedded Tcl filter code has been disabled (and will be removed
    entirely in the next major release of INN).  It hasn't worked for some
    time and causes innd crashes if compiled in (even if not used).  If
    someone wants to step forward and maintain it, I recommend starting
    from scratch and emulating the Perl and Python filters.

  * ctlinnd should now successfully handle messages from INN up to the
    maximum allowable packet size in the protocol, fixing problems sites
    with many active peers were having with innstat output.

  * Overview generation has been fixed in both makehistory and innd to
    follow the rules in the latest NNTP draft rather than just replacing
    special characters with spaces.  This means that the unfolding of
    folded header lines will not introduce additional, incorrect
    whitespace in the overview data.

  * nnrpd now uniformly responds with a 480 or 502 status code to attempts
    to read a newsgroup to which the user does not have access, depending
    on whether the user has authenticated.  Previously, it returned a 411
    status code, claiming the group didn't exist, which confuses the
    reactive authentication capability of news readers.

  * If a user is not authorized to approve articles (using the A access
    control in readers.conf), articles that include Approved headers will
    be rejected even if posted to unmoderated groups.  Some other site may
    consider that group to be moderated.

  * The configuration parser used for readers.conf and others now
    correctly handles "#" inside quoted strings and is more robust against
    unmatched double quotes.

  * Messages mailed to moderators had two spaces after the colons in the
    headers, rather than one.  This bug has been fixed.

  * A bug that could cause heap corruption and random crashes in innd if
    INN were compiled with Python support has been fixed.

  * Some problems with innd's tracking of article size and enforcement of
    the configured maximum article size have been fixed.

  * pgpverify will now correctly verify signatures generated by GnuPG and
    better supports GnuPG as the PGP implementation.

  * INN's code should now be more 64-bit clean in its handling of size_t,
    pointer differences, and casting of pointers, correcting problems that
    showed up on 64-bit platforms like AMD64.

  * Improved the error reporting in the history database code, in inews,
    in controlchan, and in expire.

  * Many other, more minor bugs have also been fixed.

Please submit all bug reports to inn-bugs at  Please send all
patches to inn-patches at

                                        Russ Allbery
                                        Katsuhiro Kondou
                                        inn at

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