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James Wilde james_wilde at glocalnet.com
Thu Oct 21 10:10:43 UTC 2004

Sorry, my last message to the list got really screwed up.  A clean
version went to Jeffrey and here's a copy of that one.  Hope it gets to
the list without corruption.



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> That's a strange error message (it's not an INN error per se, but an
> error from some system call that nntpsend was making).  But=20
> rather than=20
> trying to figure out exactly the bit of code involved...
> If you try to telnet to the news01.ourfeed.com port 119 (from your
> server), what happens?

# telnet news01.sunet.se 119
news01.ourfeed.com: Unknown host

This is new behaviour, but I added news01 to /etc/hosts and tried again
and got an answer.  (I have tried before and it worked fine)

> (And actually, if you're trying to figure out what the proper DNS
> settings are, you could probably find out most quickly by simply=20
> contacting your peer and asking.)

You're right!  It was just that the peer was taking such a long time to
reply to my inquiries, and I wondered if the error message would give
someone a clue.  The newsfeed has now replied and I translate:

When our server contacts the answer is:

200 yggdrasil.glocalnet.net InterNetNews NNRP server INN 2.2 21-Jan-1999
ready (posting ok).

Same answer, whether the source address is or .111.  It's
a long time since I worked with INN, but this is typical of our feed not
having the rights to talk to your innd, and landing with nnrpd instead.
Then IHAVE, CHECK, TAKETHIS and so on in NNTP don't work.

In innfeed.conf I have:

peer newsfeed.ourfeed.com {
         ip-name:                news01.ourfeed.com

I'm wondering if I can have more ip-name lines, because it seems to be
more frequent that it is news11.ourfeed.com which does the feeding.  (Or
is it my server which goes out and fetches the updates?)

I'd like to see something like:

peer newsfeed.ourfeed.com {
         ip-name:                news01.ourfeed.com
	   ip-name:			   news11.ourfeed.com
	   and maybe even more lines the same...

(Or do I have to write one peer paragraph per peer and then lump them
together in a group with the name newsfeed.ourfeed.com?)

Thanks in advance for your help.  Unfortunately we haven't really had
time to get ourselves really informed about inn before we had to run it,
and I feel our helplessness when things suddenly go wrong.


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