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Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Apr 11 21:36:38 UTC 2005

Bill Sellers <w.a.sellers at LARC.NASA.GOV> writes:

> I just downloaded inn-2.4.2 and installed it on my test system.  I
> followed the INSTALL file, and found that the news.daily and error
> reports were not being sent out.

> I discovered there is no mention of configuring the mailer for news, in
> my case, sendmail.  The news.daily reports and error reports are sent by
> default to the "usenet" user, and not the "news" user.  A mention in the
> INSTALL file to add the usenet user in the aliases file would be
> helpful.  Something like:

> /etc/aliases or /etc/mail/aliases
> usenet:	news

I'm wondering if we should preserve this behavior.  It always struck me as
a historical oddity that INN defaults to running everything as "news" but
sends nightly reports to "usenet".

Would anyone object if I just changed the nightly report default to "news"
while still leaving the separate configuration option to change it?

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