Maxartsize ?

F. Senault fred.letter at
Wed Apr 13 12:30:28 UTC 2005


I sent a mail about a problem with maxartsize in CURRENT, but I didn't
see any answers.  Is someone looking into it ?

This is not very important since I now know how to work around it, but
it's still annoying nonetheless.  I've included a copy of what I wrote
before ; if there's more information needed, I'll try to gather all I


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I'm using a fairly recent CURRENT snapshot (2.5.0 20050321 prerelease),
and I'm having some troubles.

A few weeks ago, a peer reported that my machine was spooling, with a
lot of "unresponsive connection" log messages on his side.  After a few
hours of troubleshooting, I found that he was submitting "huge" articles
(compared to our bandwidth, anyways ! :)).

I had set up maxartsize on my side to 100000 bytes, he was submitting
(at least) a 5Mb article that took about three minutes to crawl along
the wire.  From that point, my feed went completely unresponsive : no
messages logged, no accept or rejection message...

Of course, from that point, the peer times out, the article is
respooled, proposed again, lather, rinse, repeat.

From=20what I've seen, there were quite a few changes in the code around
maxartsize in CURRENT.  I've taken a look at art.c, in ARTchecksize, and
I see :

    if (innconf->maxartsize > 0 && size > (size_t) innconf->maxartsize) {
        if (cp->State ==D CSgotarticle)
            cp->State = CSgotlargearticle;
            cp->State = CSeatarticle;

I don't understand the meaning of the cp->State = CSeatarticle ?  And,
especially, if the state is set to CSeatarticle, can it revert to
CSgotlargearticle and get logged after ?

I'm probably missing something in the code, but the effects are here.

I've warned my peers about this, and I shouldn't receive any more big
articles, but if I can do something else to help debugging...

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