post: with out read: fails

Todd Olson tco2 at
Thu Apr 28 19:24:01 UTC 2005


In inn-STABLE-20050315 the following in readers.conf

access "gateway" {
    key: "elist02_gateway"
    post: "*"

causes inews to fail in posting with the following error

                 No such newsgroups as "cornell.tco.test". (Article not posted.)

This is unexpected.

The posting does work fine if the access block is changed to read

access "gateway" {
    key: "elist02_gateway"
    read: "*"
    post: "*"

The posting program is inews from the 2.2.2 distribution ... running on a nearby solaris box.

Further I'd note that in the v2.2 line, all that was needed in the nnrp.access file
for posting was an 'P' ... an 'R' was not needed.  Our emaillist -> news gateway with inews
for many years with just a P

QUESTION:  Is this a bug?  or an expected behaviour?

QUESTION:  If this behaviour is by design, in which document would I find mention of it?


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